NYC's Next In Line

Kris Payne makes the perfect match for the booth. Kris holds back nothing in his rhymes, covering the block to the boardroom, politics to Drip, he arranges great song formation.

Learning a lot from his struggles in Brooklyn and realizing his blessings in Baldwin, he speaks about his life in his rhymes. Unlike today's rappers, Kris Payne is far from average and has been a student of some of the top names in Hip-Hop.
His flow and lyrics will take you back in time over some of the hardest-hitting beats in the game. As he states, "His smooth but raw flow compares him to the likes of Biggie, LL Cool J, and Dr. Dre". This Ace in the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity plans to be the hip-hop spokesman for all Greek communities. Opening a new lane for an ever-growing audience that's always in demand for good music.
The future for Kris is bright. His popularity around Long Island and New York City has recently been on the rise as he claims the Belt in Statewide Rap Battles and soon the US Stage from coast to coast. Now the world will hear his branded sound as he enters 2019 with new music and videos.
This winter Kris will be releasing the "House of Payne" single to help usher in the new NY movement and sound. Stay tuned for more from Kris Payne as he ranks up in this game we know as Hip-Hop.
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