City Buzz Spotlight

In a season of politics, reality show, and TV woman are taking center stage in the mainstream media business and entertainment like never before.Women are making big noise from coast to coast as they get ready for 2016 Mrs. America pageant. We had the opportunity to meet Arizona's own Mrs. Glendale. including the ladies running for this year's Mrs. America Pageant. 

Mrs. Glendale is first runner-up for this years pageant for Mrs. America. Michelin Roehl holds the 2015 title as Mrs. Glendale. She is so full of life and energy. Her personality matched right along with her makeup, flawless. She spoke at September’s  City Buzz Circle of Sister’s event about being a black woman in the industry.  She embraced the mic with her wisdom and her story on how she entered pageantry and modeling.

She encouraged all the women in the room and gave several tips and information on how to enter the pageantry world. She left us with much inspiration and gratitude and wants everybody to believe in themselves and their dreams.

This year's Mrs. America pageant is scheduled in Las Vegas September 20-24, 2015 

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