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Edgar “GEMINI” Porter  Edgar” Gemini” Porter, is young, talented, and versatile artist. At the age of three,  Gemini knew singing would be his vibe. “His singing has always been the positive pull  in his life”.


No matter how drawn to the negative he was, the music kept bringing him  back. It was one thing that kept him striving.”  Throughout his career he has been inspired to sing by the late great R&B sensation;  Donnie Hathaway, and R&B balladeer; Luther Vandross, & Brian Mcknight, just to  He has made a name for himself as a member of the platinum R&B group Men At  Large. The R&B group Men At Large has obtained notable recognition in the music  industry. In 1993 they received a Grammy Award for Song of the Year. Also the group  has to its credit #1 platinum album and a Grammy nomination for best R&B single by  duo or group. While traveling with Men at Large Gemini continued to work in other  areas of music.


The group was originally discovered by the late great Gerald Levert,  who's musical style and versatility of how big brothers could be sexy and appealing to  an audience, along with big vocals, can make such an impact showing its true and  historic nature.  Gemini personal experience with Gerald was always a positive and encouraging one,  and just to study and absorb his physical attributes, as far as musical style and vocal  aggressiveness and overall stage presence and the essence to make a woman loose  herself for a minute, taking control of the stage has always been factor that will  never be taken for granted, and truly a blessing to have learned from him.  Gemini, is accomplished songwriter with such song as “Now that you’re gone” from  The “Love, Struggle, and Progress” album (2000). Another would be “My Homie’s”  from the self entitled “Gemini” album (2005). And also wrote song called “I got your  Back” from “Back on Top” album (2007). And is currently recording his 1st inspirational  album entitled, “Guess u didn’t know (About my Father)”, that was released in  (2009). In 2010 “In The Key Of G” debued at #20, and was nominated for Chicago  Music award.


Be on the lookout for New Hit R&B Single “If The Shoe Was On The Other  Foot” due to be released in mid-summer 2012.  Gemini, also composes songs for stage plays, most notable song “Here For The Long  Haul”, featured in John Ruffin’s “All For Love” staring Gemini, Johnny Gill, and  Shirley Murdock and Love the Hurt Away, also staring Gemini who held a lead role,  sharing the stage with, Bobby Brown and Bernadette “Thelma from Good Times”  While taking his acting abroad Gemini has appeared in several other stage plays, "Stop  Cheating On Gods Time" & “Will A Real Man Please Stand Up’ Written and Directed By  Dwight Baxter, other stage play experiences that Gemini has had is leading roles in  in John Ruffin’s “Sometime Love Hurts”, & “No More Sheets”. Ms. Shywanee Manson’s  “My Brother I Apologize”, and “When U Cry/I Cry, Featuring Lil “G” from Silk BET’s Da  Wildcat, & Bernadette Stanness, in 2014, And Gemini along with his Men At Large  Group Member Dave Tolliver, has just been cast to appear in the upcoming stage play  “Baby Hold On To Me” The Gerald Levert Story, by K.T. Price & V.J. Banks, expected to  start touring in the fall 2014.


Overall his experience has 22 plays, 4 independent films  under his belt.  While increasing the Gemini, portfolio he as began writing House, Dance, Disco,  Cadence Music for the Oversees Market. Most notable songs “Thinkin About” #36, and  “Addicted” #7, produced by Deep House Music Icon Ron Carroll currently continues to  climb the European Market. Be on the lookout for Omni Music’s new hit song “You  Are” Written and Recorded by Gemini, that daubed in the too 10 for 12 wks 2012, in  the UK. Has taken him to another lever of "House Records" working with in South  Africa to complete his solo album dropping in Sept 2015, entitled "U Are Magnificent  To Me", is his next level of vocal accomplishments to come.  As a composer Gemini has ventured to many profitable avenues such as commercial  writing. The 1st, and longest, running public service announcement, Don’t Drink, and  Drive (featuring the Rap Artist’s Da’Brat, Funkdified). He has been apart of  commercials for Amhizer-Bush and Miller Beer companies. He has also composed  jingles for companies such as Nextel, and Five Star PC.com (Home Phone Service).  


Gemini is famous not only for his silky smooth voice he is also well known for his love  for food and all that comes with, it was no surprise when he began writing  commercials for Dock’s Fish, Uncle Joe’s Jerk Chicken, and Woo Woo’s Bar-B-Que.  Radio Station WGCi, ‘Don’t Drink & Drive’ Campaign.


Along with being a spokesman  and role model towards the violence & crime that the City Of Chicago is Facing, Being  a voice of the “Put The Guns Down’ Cease Fire, Peace on our streets, to try to end  gun violence in our city. Gemini has also ventured into movies, and film, laying the  role of a juror, in the Independent hit comedy “Let’s Go To Prison”, BET comedian B- Cole, “Send Me A Shout out”, once again showing Gemini’s versatility.  Gemini has shared the stage with such R&B artist’s as, Uncle Charlie Wilson, Silk,  Keith Sweat, and the late great Gerald and Sean Levert. such Gospel greats as, Donald  Lawrence, Fred Hammond, La’cresia Campbell, Yolanda Adams. Comedians such as,  Michael Collier, La’Vell Crawford, Steve Harvey, and the late great Bernie Mac, just to  name a few. And Gemini has set his name in history for his multiple appearances on  Showtime at the Apollo, hosted by; Steve Harvey. He also host an Open Mic Thursday  with a live band at The Family Den in Chicago, been going strong for 8 years, as the  longest running Open Mic in the City, giving new and upcoming talent a platform to  showcase their talents.  Gemini is so well rounded in his roots and love for music, that he has put himself  behind the scenes as a business man, as CEO of, Inimeg Publishing and Entertainment,  Vice President of World Class Media Group Inc., (Promoting Hair, Music, and Fashion).  A&R Rep for IMG RECORDINGS, Northwest Region.  


Gemini, is an overall hustler of music game, his motto is, (IT'S WHAT WE DO). Talk  about a hustler, Talk about getting it in. Attributing his ability to persevere in the  music and entertainment industry the large man, bows down, and give thanks to the  man upstairs, while he continues to take large steps in a positive direction. There’s no  dought about it; Gemini is phatter than ever. Be on the lookout for the New Men At  Large Album entitled "Men At Large 4Ever" set to be released in 2015, along with the  new launching of "Men At Large Upscale Suit Line & Accessories".  


EDGAR “GEMINI” PORTER  708.935.7051  Twiitter: Gemini Porter @BigGemini68  Facebook: Gemini Porter E  Instigram: Gemini_Porter  email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!