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Hitch Hiker

Hails from Capitol Heights, Maryland. His music is best described as inspiring and motivational and emphasizes the traditional Hip-Hop flavor fused with a new age Pop style. Hitchhiker or “Hitch” whom he is most commonly called by his peers, name derives from his background in which as a youth he was always traveling from one place to another. His personal interests include writing and producing songs, poetry and power networking.  


Hitchhiker was recently featured on Fox 5 News DC and WUSA TV 9 News for his place in the finals of the Verizon Wireless “Calling All Bands” contest in which he was selected from among 4,500 entrants. His song “Summer Feeling” is available for download online and was also featured on the NBC Television Show “Windfall” Starring Beverly Hills 90210s own Luke Perry.  “I think hes a very nice guy, talented, professional. I think with someone as dedicated as he is, he will go up the ladder of success”, says James Citkovic of Countdown Entertainment in New York. “His songs are refreshing, really laid back, it's an old school feel though he keeps it current, their really mood driven and he paints pictures and draw stories in them that people listening feel like they become apart of, The topics are relevant also ” says Chasin Mason of Milwaukee, Wisconsin( Review March 06).


Hitchhiker is currently working with a host of International producers including Josh Zandman formerly of the Award winning band “Burlap to Cashmere” (A&M/Interscope) who won a Grammy for his work on Kanye West’s album “College Dropout.” He hopes to rekindle the dying flame and reignite Rap music fans everywhere.  


Awards: Semi-Finalist in Verizon Wireless “Calling All Bands” Competition March 21, 2006 Featured Artist on July 2005 Number 8 on Live 365 Top Ten Sideload Charts September 2005(over 369,000 In Stream) XM Satellite Radio Radar Reports Most Played July 2005 Awards: Best Female Vocals in Hip-Hop, week of 27Feb2006 Best Female Vocals in Hip-Hop, week of 6Mar2006 Best Female Vocals in Hip-Hop, week of 13Mar2006 Best Bass in Hip-Hop, week of 20Mar2006 Best Mood in Hip-Hop, week of 13Mar2006 Honorable Mention Song of the Year June 2006 Top 2 Song Audition Radio( Most Played (  .